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hosted fiction

You write fanfiction too??? Ya, actually if you do write fanfiction too and do not have a site and don't plan to have one anytime soon but still want your stuff on the net you can send it in and I'll post it here.
I don't have any special requirements, I just have to like it. Please send the title with it with the spelling and grammar checked. Don't go around asking if it's okay if there's swearing and all in your story we're all teenagers around here, not that sensible anymore so ya...go right ahead. It doesn't even have to be Moffic nor fanfiction of any sort but if it is fanfiction I would appreciate if it wasn't N'sync fanfiction (I'm allergic to those guys). And I don't care if it's a 12 line story of a 62 chapter thing it'll just take more time to be completely posted. And it doesn't have to be finished, take your time and if you give it up, I don't mind... Did I sound strict enough? Well then, if you fit the requirements (and your story too, or actually, if your story does) just send it in...