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wednesday the seventeenth of july two thousand two

happy birthday it seems... a year and eight months, sara... you know we didn't even check the date that night we saw part of the concert (and a hole lot of vids too). well, terrible isn't it... i just can't get this place to work properly. anyway (hello jeff!) i haven't added anything new in the fiction section i'm just trying to update the sections i usually never update... like the cd list, the favorites, and all those little extras that's for the decoration...

thursday the twenty seventh of june two thousand two

problem solved, the fiction is now accessible
new links, new short stories

friday the twenty first of june two thousand two

new, real, more than a year old... we're not alone... oh yeah, i'm convinced
i probably shouldn't do this but i read this on this fanfiction site i really loved, on the radio, but she's right... "always remember the four boys that brought you here in the first place"
welcome back.
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