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the author


pen name: Jezebel
nickname: The Pook
age: 15
birth date: 08/09/1986
birthplace: Fountain Valley, California, USA
home: (for now) Paris, France
hair: not exactly black
eyes: brown


day: 17th November 2000/ 8th September 1986
color: black, purple and red
band/singer : the Moffatts, Muse, Linkin Park, Fuel, Lost Prophets, Lifehouse,System of a down
album (apart from Moffatts): Hybrid theory - Linkin Park/ No name face -  Lifehouse/ Something like human - Fuel/ Origin of symmetry - Muse/ Toxicity - System of a down/ thefakesoundofpregress - Lost Prophets/ Showbiz - Muse
song for the moment: Chop Suey! - System of a down/ Unintented - Muse/ Bliss - Muse
food: sushi

Moffatt stuff

fave Moffatt: I like them all, but Bob's my fave, well maybe Clint, or Dave...? Heck Scott while I'm at it.
fave album: Submodalities
fave songs: I love all the songs on Submo and misery/ written all over my heart/ frustration/ over the rainbow/ if life is so short/two beats/ all the answers/ Lara
fave video: 'Bang bang boom' 'cause that's the only one I saw...*Waaaaaaah*

Other wise known as me

Special songs: All that she wants - Ace of base (Happy Nation)                               
                          I want it that way -  Backstreet Boys (Millenium)
                          Bang Bang Boom - The Moffatts (Submodalities)
                          In the End - Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)
                          Bliss - Muse (Origin of Symmetry)
loves: The Moffatts, music, food, Mom, the smell of paper, writing with a fountain pen, my father, solitude, black, red, blood (the taste), purple, yellow, Jacky Chan, my cousin Celine, being alone in the house, rain, gray skies, jeans, Linkin' Park, Good Charlotte, drawing, the sound of the wind, Fuel (the band), fire (just watching it), reading, playing piano, composing, writing fanfic, writing songs, freaking out people by predicting stuff, cats, shopping for books, shopping for CDs, Vietnamese food, Christopher Pike books, holidays, recording music videos, drinking water, chatting with Brian (you're so sweet), reading the news papers (something pretty new), submodalities album, collecting Moffatts pic, tennis, seeing old classmates again (Armand would be the exception), taking the plane, old leaves, guitars, Scott stripping (yup, saw him do so), watching the billboard countdown, cute guys (how could I forget that?), Julien's sense of humor (Woah t'as vu, j'ai un site internet... technologie...),  Matthieu (you're just too funny), movies in English, American Hi-Fi, receiving e-mails from Sara, new albums, music channels, ink pen, pull - overs, nice guys, nice people, funny people, my stereo, the simple kind of life, the song Chop Suey!, System of a down, singing, playing chess, crossing Matthew at school, The Lord of the rings, Muse, Muse week-ends, patchesm badges, Anakin...

hates: having way too much attention on me, when other people take credit for my work, being alone in a small crowd, staying in small stinking hotels for more than a night, having to play golf, having to go out, the sun, the cold, mosquitoes, flies, bugs, spiders, using the phone, messing up my polish nail, being walked over, being shy, not being able to say what I want, not being able to talk about what I want, moving, pigeons, being called a genius, being compared to Sara, being compared to my mom, being compared to anyone, dresses, parties, overly fake polite guest, girls who think they're the best, guys who think they're cool, people who tell you they're the best and don't want to listen to you, not being listened to and then blamed, being told what I liked sucked, having to face Armand and then realizing he was worse than I thought, being called by my Mom across the house, having to stop my music 'cause Mom's in my room, not having my computer in my room, Mom coming in my room without knocking, shopping, Bush (the president and the band), not receiving any e-mails (you know what to do), Ulysse, Oliver, homework, working from dawn to dust, not having any electricity, not being able to go out when I want to, winter, crowded buses, cigarettes, not recieving some very special e-mail I've been waiting for, my computer, receiving presents, reading classical theater plays written in rimes, to say I told you so, reading a five hundred page boredom for nothing, coexisting with some people who can't respect things and ask me to respect them when I do, a lot of things...