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Elijah etc...

"Part of me probably did go crazy." (about the shooting of 'The lord of the rings')

"Bin Laden is a complete rejection of everything Islam stands for."

"Bin Laden's interpretation is complete bollocks." (about Islam)

"I couldn't relate at all to teenagers my age."

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self."

"Suddenly this guy comes in and Bilbo arrives."

"I'm a collector, so that's pretty frikkin' cool."

"The helicopters were wicked."

"Lots of crazy Hobbit behavior."

"I think the Hobbit nature has rubbed off on me."

"I know that all of you fans could potentially crucify me for that!" (about not having read the books)

"I'm in love with the cave troll now! I got so sad when the cave troll dies."

"I'm a hopeless romantic."

"When you smoke and bite your nails at the same time, you know you've got issues."

"I like hugging."

"Us Hobbits took up the art of surfing."

"Yeah, well, I watch a lot of rated R movies."